Snorkelling in Menorca

The north coast, the best place to snorkel in Menorca

Why go snorkeling on the island?

If what you want is to take a boat trip, get to know the coast North of Menorca and discover the incredible crystal clear waters through the snorkeling mask, the snorkeling in Menorca it is your activity.

For two hours accompanied by a specialized guide and with the necessary equipment to carry out the activity (mask, tube, fins and neoprene) we will explore underwater landscapes of great beauty.

You will enjoy a privileged environment and you will discover places that you had never imagined, only accessible by sea, not on foot. Ideal for family and group! Know the prices.

What do you need to snorkel in Menorca?

  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
And you really want to have a great time!

Frequent questions

Can you do the Safari Snorkeling Tour as a beginner?
Definitely. It is an activity designed for anyone. We adapt to the level of the group. It is an experience to enjoy the beautiful seabeds of the north of Menorca in a relaxed way.
Should I bring my equipment?
We include all the necessary equipment to carry out the activity. We have professional material.
How long will we be snorkeling?
The activity lasts approximately two hours. As we are going by boat, we are changing zones. If you want you can relax on the boat whenever you want.
Is the activity suitable for children?
Yeah! We provide flotation elements for the little ones (life jacket and special attention).
Price of snorkeling in Menorca
The price of our Snorkel activity is €45.
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