About us

Our motto at Blue Dive is respect for the seabed and its surroundings, which means that our practice is based on the rules of respectful diving.

Of the planet's surface, 71% is covered by water and the remaining 29% is continental. On the seabed, there is a high biodiversity of ecosystems. Seamounts, coral reefs, sandbanks, kelp forests, among others, are areas that are home to high biodiversity, between 500,000 and 100,000,000,000 species, in many rare and unique cases.

Since a significant number of human activities endanger our funds, from Blue Dive we want to contribute our grain of sand to preserve this treasure, and that our passage through them has zero impact.


Give maximum importance to mastering buoyancy through our dives and courses, to avoid involuntary contact with the bottom, which in many cases are endowed with great fragility. Constant vigilance that the equipment is well collected, with the aim of not dragging or damaging any surface and taking care to keep the fins as far away from the bottom and from the walls. Organizing groups at the beginning and end of the season, with the aim of collecting waste that is found both in the funds and in its surroundings. In this way we express our esteem and respect for the seabed and the environment, in addition to training potential future divers under a background of awareness and respect for nature.


Located in the charming area of ​​Port d'Addaia and within the Parc Natural de s'Albufera des Grau. At Blue Dive Menorca we have room for everyone!!

In our premises of almost 200 m2 we house different areas so that your visit to our facilities is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

In our 35 m2 classroom you will find all kinds of didactic material and necessary supports so that theory is part of a fun and enriching experience.
We have parking right in front of the center, where the task of looking for a space to leave the car will no longer be.

In our store you will find everything from small accessories necessary for diving to some items you may need on your vacation, including our limited edition merchandising. We have an 'Office' or common space, so you can rest and recharge your batteries for your next adventure while we exchange impressions and share experiences, in this way we intend to create new connections between divers, from which we all come out enriched.

‘Happiness is only real when shared’ (‘Into the wild’ Dir. Sean Penn)


At Blue Dive we are committed to the quality and comfort of our divers, and Scubapro gives us the elements we need.
SCUBAPRO made its debut in the diving world in the early 1960s. It was run by two people, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin. They brought many novelties to the market for diving that are still used today. At least one in two workers is a diver and in many countries more than 80% dive and more than a third are instructors.

SCUBAPRO is part of Johnson Outdoors Inc. which is a world leading outdoor activities company that turns ideas into adventures with innovative and top quality products.




Master Instructor

After touring and working in diving centers around the world, with Blue Dive the dream of creating a diving center in a paradisiacal environment materializes. I was not even eight years old when I discovered with my family the wonders of the underwater world. Since then I knew that my life revolved around the sea, focusing my life on diving. At the age of 18 I was already a professional and military diver, at the age of 20 I was already a Divemaster and captain, until obtaining the Master Instructor title years later, which gives me all the necessary tools to carry out the activity in a safe and proactive way. . The sea is my passion and together with the Blue Dive team we will make your stay here a unique experience!!




Entrepreneurial and creative by nature, I am part of the 'thinking heads' of Blue Dive. Since I was little my passion for the sea has been present, always looking for a place to dive and discover this magnificent world. My training is diverse, covering fields ranging from interior design to audiovisual artistic direction, including graphic design, but always combined with my passion for diving and the sea, a way to disconnect from daily stress... until reaching the point of making it our 'modus vivendi', undertaking this magnificent adventure that is Blue Dive Menorca. I will be delighted to accompany you on your adventures, combining the management and direction of the center with Jordi Fernández. So if you want to know more about me and share experiences, we are waiting for you at Blue Dive!!!

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