Diving baptism in the Menorca marine reserve

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to breathe underwater?

Experience it with a diving baptism in the marine reserve of Menorca

Who is the baptismal dive for?

If you want to find out but aren't quite ready yet to make the jump to a certification course, the Discover Scuba Diving program or diving baptism in Menorca will allow you to try diving in a fun and relaxed way. During the Discover Scuba Diving experience or baptism of diving you will learn how to use the diving equipment in shallow water and you will receive a quick and easy introduction to everything you need to explore the underwater menu.

Duration of the diving baptism

With a duration of approximately 2.5 hours, we explore the depths of the Menorca marine reserve and you will dive in points only accessible by boat.

Requirements to start diving with us

From 10 years old.
I really want to have a good time.
You cannot fly until 12 hours after doing the activity.

You must be in good physical and medical shape to be able to dive. It is not allowed to drink alcohol or other types of substances before coming to dive

Faqs about our diving baptism in Menorca

Is diving baptism complicated?
Absolutely. The instructors manage your equipment and control your buoyancy at all times. You just have to breathe calmly and enjoy the experience.
What does the baptism consist of?
The instructors carry out a briefing, explaining the details of the diving equipment, the basic rules of diving, underwater communication and we jointly carry out some small exercises. Finally we go to the water to enjoy the experience.
I've never done it before, I'm not sure I can do it.
Don't worry, this activity is designed for anyone who meets the minimum conditions: not having serious health problems. It does not require previous skills or knowledge of diving.
What price is it?
€85 high season July and August
€80 low season
What equipment do I need to start diving?
None! We provide everything you need
Marine fauna seen in scuba diving
Typical Mediterranean marine fauna: octopus, salpas, barracudas, amberjacks, nudibranchs, brotolas, moray eels, groupers, some lobster, prawns, castanets, conger eels, cicadas... And hopefully at the end of the season, some turtle 🤩
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